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Hail Damaged Skylight

Hail Damage

In May 2010, hailstorms ripped through Oklahoma causing $500 million in damage. Hail sizes up to softball size were reported. Skylights are no match for large hail. The skylight is ruptured, and the ensuing rainfall causes flooding in the home or business, increasing the damage many times over.

When. Not if...

Anyone in tornado alley knows that it is not a question of whether they will be subjected to severe hail, it is only a question of when. Roofers expect to have to replace roofs every 5-10 years on average. Skylights are no exception.

Additionally, the widespread damage to skylights causes a backlog at the suppliers resulting in skylights covered with tarps for months awaiting replacements from the factory. During this time, there is danger of additional leakage through the tarps in subsequent storms.

Hail Protection

Water Damage SkyShield skylight protectors take the worry out of hailstorms. Designed by a roofing professional with decades of experience, the shield's patent pending design shatters hail and absorbs and redirects the force of impact of other windborne debris.

Although skylights are initially fairly strong, over just a couple years the plastic is made brittle by exposure to ultraviolet rays. At that point even minor impacts will cause the skylight to break or crack.

Available in any size, SkyShield can be used to protect any sensitive outdoor objects, including solar cells, instrumentation, greenhouses, autos, people or animals. It is unobtrusive in appearance, but invaluable for peace of mind. There is no noticeable difference in the amount of light admitted, but instills confidence that disaster will not occur.

HVAC Units


In addition to skylights, HVAC units sustain costly damage in hailstorms. Relatively small hail will damage the fins. SkyShield can protect these sensitive elements without affecting airflow.

Impact Testing

SkyShield was tested for its ability to withstand impacts and destroy hail by shooting a two-inch diameter ice ball from an air cannon.

Hailstones are formed either as conglomerates of individual pieces of hail fused together, or in layers as the hailstone repeatedly is lifted through moisture and re-frozen. Both types are much more fragile than a single ice ball frozen solid.

During our rigorous testing process, the ice ball was completely shattered by the impact, and no damage was sustained by the SkyShield whatsoever.

Click here to see a video of the air cannon.


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